I Miss My Puppies

I miss my dogs. Just look at those faces.

We had to board them while we were away this weekend, and the kennel is closed for Labor Day, so we can’t pick them up until tomorrow. We got home last night, and the house was quiet. We didn’t have to shut the door between trips unloading the car, and there were no dog beds cluttering the bedroom to trip over while unpacking. But we were too tired to notice those things last night.

This morning was different. I woke up at 7:00. There was no whining from the little one or snoring from the big one. No rush of energy as soon as the little one realized we were awake. There was no hurry. Our morning routine was suspended. No puppy breakfasts to prepare. No walks. No cajoling them into their leashes. It was quiet. Too quiet.

It reminded me of when we lost Gale, our first dog. There was a big empty. We both felt it. We only waited a month before we found our new companions. And we got two, an adult one and a younger one, so we wouldn’t lose them both at the same time.

But here we are. The house is empty. There are no paws under the table to not step on. No black shadow following me around. No wet nose nudging itself under the hand holding the tablet as I write or laying under my legs when I put my feet up.

I miss them, but they’ll be back tomorrow, in need of a bath but demanding to cuddle on the bed nonetheless

Thanks to Kendall F Person, thepublicblogger for the inspiration to blog today.

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