“I loved Mr. Stieglitz’s “The Old Man’s Request.” I loved the title, and it is what first hooked me. It was easy to get hooked by the characters as well, though I never got to like the doctor very much. But the Russian anthropologist and the priest were easy characters to love or be captivated by, as was the detective, a late entrant into the story. At first, I wasn’t sure if he was a good guy or a bad one. And I remain perplexed by what happened to Dr. Rykov when she slept in Dr. Lamb’s living room. Was she raped? Something happened, but her reaction upon waking was puzzling. I hope Book 2 will reveal what happened to her, but she is definitely a strong character, perhaps the strongest in the story, even ahead of Father O’Malley. If you love dark mysteries, then you should love “The Old Man’s Request” too.”

  • L.A. Di Paolo, Author of Forebodings: Conquerors of K’Tara Book 1

“The Old Man’s Request: Book One of the Utgarda Trilogy hits the ground running and rarely relents throughout its 133-pages of pulp supernatural adventure. H. P. Lovecraft fans will enjoy this. D&D fans will dig it. Fans of novels that gallop through a maze of surprises and intriguing turns will be thoroughly satisfied. Joab Stieglitz pulls you in with the promise of a great story well told and then delivers and delivers and delivers.”

  • Christopher Ryan, Author of City of Woe (Mallory and Gunner Series Book 1)

“Joab Stieglitz offers up a really well crafted thriller filled with enough suspense and action to adroitly move his plot along. Anna, Dr. Lamb and Father O’Malley aren’t superheroes, but rather good people caught up in an affair far beyond anything any of them had ever experienced before. It will take all their courge and mutual trust in one another to summon the demon and defeat it. If that is even possible? “The Old Man’s Request,” is a sure fire page turned. Need I say more?”

  • Ron Fortier, Author and Publisher, Airship 27 Productions

“I’ve read four books in the Utgarda series, and I adored them all. So much that is resonant of H. P. Lovecraft and other Weird Fiction of the 1920’s and 1930’s, of that hopeful yet subconsciously disillusioned era between “the War to end all Wars” and the next, possibly even worse, World War, colours this series. For a lover of History and of Weird Fiction, this is a total delight. The characters are well-delineated, the plot is simultaneously exciting and adventurous. Mr. Stieglitz talentedly paints his monsters and monstrous otherworldly settings. I highly recommend this series, whether or not one is already familiar with the Lovecraft Mythos and classic Weird Fiction of the early 20th century.”

  • Mallory A. Haws: The Haunted Reading Room Reviews

“Joab’s writing is precise and flowing…[He] skillfully guides us through the twists and turns the trio encounter. It is a good first novel. I am beginning the second in the series.


 “If you want a long, dreary introductory section with tedious background detail, this is NOT the book for you! By page 6, you are in the thick of the action and the background detail is presented as necessary to advance the plot. This makes the book an enjoyable, suspenseful, and quick read. The characters are well-drawn with three-dimensional personalities, clear motivations, and well-constructed back stories. The plot is clever and much more intricate than I expected for short book. I look forward to the next books in the series! Highly recommended!”

  • David Chamberlain

“While drawing from H.P. Lovecraft and firmly in that mythos, The Old Man’s Request is a much easier read than much of Lovecraft. It has authentic dialog, character development, and a fleshed-out plot. Anna makes for a great protagonist and makes you wonder what’s next. Oh, good thing it is already part of a trilogy!”

  • Joe Wetzel, Inkwell Ideas

Joab Stieglitz has put together an entertaining occult detective thriller in THE OLD MAN’S REQUEST. Set in the 1920s, it’s remindful of the cosmic horror stories of H. P. Lovecraft. There’s also a very pulpy feel to the story. This is the first book of a trilogy. It’s a very entertaining read.”

  • Michael Chomko, Organizer of PulpFest

My favorite part is the stoic strength of the heroine, Anna Rykov. Most female leads are hostage bait or hypercompensate, trying to out testosterone the men. Not here. She’s nobody’s victim and her history has made her stronger. I love her and hope you will, too.”

  • Amazon Customer