Category: Observations

Packing Laziness

I have ordered a number of things over the past few months.  I have noticed an increasing tendency for the items I ordered to be packed in boxes created by taping random pieces of cardboard together.  In some cases, this worked fine.  The edges…

Half a Century

I turned 50 yesterday. It’s hard to believe that I’m that old. I don’t feel old. In fact, in many ways I feel healthier than ever. Taking into account my Cystic Fibrosis, half a century is truly magnificent. Share List

Africa Log: Reflectons

Here are a few random thoughts about our African experience: Share List

Africa Log: Day 11

I was awakened for the last time for a breakfast of eggs, one potato wedge, a roll with butter, and water. We were about an hour and a half outside on Amsterdam, flying over northern Italy. I listened to more of Warbound and enhanced…

Africa Log: Day 10

We awoke after a fitful sleep. We dressed and packed. Mauren brought hot tea. We went to the lounge tent and I tried to confirm our plane tickets, but the wifi timed out. I was also unable to refresh WordPress in hopes of getting…