How To Be “In The Know”?

My wife and I went to the Baltimore Grand Prix this past weekend. We were there all three days. We had paddock passes. I even won at Pit Pass this year. We saw drivers, got autographs, spoke to team members. And yet people seemed to know things that we had no clue about.

News about technical difficulties, personality clashes, where people had been or were going to be around town, which drivers have rides for next year and which ones don’t… All kinds of things. How do people find out about this stuff?

Sure, there are a lot of people who go to more than one race each year (Baltimore is the only one anywhere near our home), but how do they know the real time information?

I’ve never been “in the know.” If fact, I’ve always been the last to know anything. So how does one learn these kinds of things?

Author: joabstieglitz

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