Amazing Review from Stacking My Bookshelves

I got an amazing review from one of the stops on my virtual book tour, Stacking My Bookshelves.

This was a fast, fun, and spooky book being that it is a Novella in length, I wanted to see where the story would go. I am glad I did. We meet Anna who is a Russian immigrant that comes to American in the early 1900s and is wed to an older man. He passes away, leaves her some money and she uses it to go to school to become an anthropologist. Which at that time a lot of women didn’t even go to school but she had the money to do it and she liked it. Then she gets a request from one of the board members and that is where the story gets interesting. He asks her to help him keep “something”, locked up in an attic. He also asks two other people. So we have some occult things going on. It’s set in a historical setting of the 1930s and a creepy aspect to the story. This book had me at page one. I totally enjoyed the writing and POV. This book was well written and flowed nicely. I didn’t get bored and since it was a novella I was able to read it in one sitting. I will have to get the next in this series to see where this continues to go.

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Utgarda #5 Progress Update

I just made progress on Utgarda #5! So far I’m 34% complete on the Writing phase. I’m up to Chapter 11 and 17,000 words.

The Old Man’s Request on Netgalley

If you are a Netgalley member, you can download a copy of The Old Man’s Request for free this month.

Utgarda #5 Progress Update

I just made progress on Utgarda #5! So far I’m 26% complete on the Writing phase. I have completed and revised eight chapters and making good progress on Chapter Nine.