New Interview from Wayne Turmel

My interview by author and blogger Wayne Turmel is online at

Take a look!

Awesome Con is Next Weekend

Please come see Jennifer Povey and in booth O9 April 25-28.

Awesome Con is Coming

I’ll be in the Artist Alley Booth 09 at Awesome Con, WASHINGTON DC’S COMIC CON • APRIL 26 – 28, 2019.

See you there!

Request for Reviews

I would like to ask those who have read The Missing Medium and/or The Other Realm to please leave a review on Goodreads.

While there are a growing number of reviews for the Old Man’s Request, there is only one for The Missing Medium, and none for The Other Realm. This looks odd to the casual reader, such as perhaps the other books are not worth reading, so why read the first one.

So if you read either of the subsequent books, please leave a review, preferably a favorable one 8^), on Goodreads.

Thank you.

Fevered Rantings

I have the flu. And not just the flu, the sweat-through the sheets, chills like sitting outside in the snow, fever, cough, achy kind. All I’ve really be up to is trying to sleep. But as I’m lying there in bed trying to nod off, I’m getting flooded with ideas for Book 5.

Of course, if I don’t write them down immediately, I forget all but the memory of having the idea. But if I make the effort to jot the thoughts down in Scrivener, sleep continues to elude me.