Canine Home Remedies

We all know that dogs like to go on walks, that they frequently pee to mark things, and that they are very precise about where they mark. Human interpretation says that this behavior is the patrolling and identification of territory.

We also know that dogs eat grass when they are not feeling well. Human understanding is that dogs seek to puke in such circumstances, perhaps to rid themselves of the irritating stomach contents.

What if canine science knows:
1. there are a finite number of canine digestive issues,
2. canine chemistry naturally produces remedies to these issues,
3. dogs distribute these remedies when available, and
4. other dogs seek out specific remedies when they are ailing.

This explains a lot of canine quirks, such as why they are so insistent on sniffing, doing their business, or eating plant life in specific places. Perhaps they subsequently vomit sometimes because the remedy they consumed is too strong, or the compound contains other remedies not needed at that time.

Author: joabstieglitz

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