Strange Dreams

I had two very strange dreams last night. The notable thing is that I remember them now, several hours after waking.

In the first dream, I am walking through a narrow wooden house. It is all one level. The hallway runs along the western wall of the house and the rooms are to the right. Each room is separated by a closed door. I am in the dining room. I walk through the door into the kitchen, and then I have my dog and we are walking out the kitchen door onto the narrow verandah and down the ramp in to the grassy area beyond. My house and all the others are on stilts. It is night time, and the houses are arranged in two rows down a slightly sloping grassy hillside inside a large area surrounded by an eight foot chain link fence topped by barbed wire. At the top of the hill to the south is a large wooden structure with floodlights that illuminate the area between the two rows of houses, and there is a stream in a slight ravine running down the middle.

We walk north-westward to walk around the stream where it disappears into the ground. There are some children playing by
the stream and we are skirting them because my dog (not either of my actual dogs, but more of a husky or akita type) has mixed reactions to people. She started getting hacklely and growlly, so I thought it best to avoid them. As we were passing them to the north, I overheard one of the kids say “that’s the dog that bit me once,” which wasn’t true. The dog had nipped at her sister when she walked right up to her and stuck her hand in the dogs face. That annoyed me every time she said it. I felt like remonstrating the girl, but thought better of it.

As we turned to go back home, I noticed a young lioness and some cubs on the other side of the eastern fence, perhaps 100 yards away. This startled me. I decided to hurry back to the house. Then I heard a lion roar from the northern fence, which was also about 100 yards away. I jogged back to the house with the dog, and as we were going up the ramp, two of the lion cubs intercepted me and wanted to play. I avoided them and got through the kitchen door just in time to shut it in the face of the lionesss, but the little hook and eye closure did nothing to prevent her from pushing the door open with her nose.

I backed into the dining room and slide the pocket door closed. There was no lock, but it was a barrier. I turned to find the male lion standing between me and the next door. He roared.

In the second dream, I was again in a simple wooden structure. It was on a vast, snow covered plain. I was there with my boss (never seen or heard). I got off the radio or telephone with a friend who was on the way there to work for us. I think I had some doubt about his qualifications, and I found myself citing factoids (not sure if they were true or I was making them up) to encourage the boss that he was right for the job, like that he was on an Antarctic expedition once, though I was not sure if he was the project manager or just a team member.

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