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Utgarda #5 Progress Update

I just made progress on Utgarda #5! So far I’m 34% complete on the Writing phase. After several changes in direction, I’m finally on course for completion! Share List

Rantings on DriveThruRPG

All of my books are now available on DriveThruRPG. Share List

How to Be an Awesome Game Master

My first attempt at non-fiction, How to Be an Awesome Game Master, has been published on DriveThruRPG. Here is the back cover text: So you want to run a tabletop role-playing game. There are a lot of options, and a lot of choices you…

The Hunter in the Shadows On Sale Now

The Hunter in the Shadows, Book One of the Thule Trilogy, is now available in paperback and for Kindle is now available on Amazon. After dreaming that her alter-dimensional sister Sobak was in danger, Anna Rykov is sent to Depression era Boston to find…

All Star Comic Con is On

I’m at ALL STAR COMIC CON at the Sheraton Hotel, Tyson’s Corner, VA all weekend in booth 113 of the Artists Alley. Vendor room hours are 10-7 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday. Share List