The Worlds I Know (Thule #2)


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Anna Must Prevent the Union of Two WorldsWith the discovery of a plot by the German Thule Society to seed alien chaos in the western powers, Anna is summoned to England to investigate mysterious runes uncovered during a mining survey.But her arrival in England is not well received by British authorities, and the subsequent inspection of the site takes Anna to a familiar place, Siashutara, the world seen by psychic Brian Teplow and documented in his childhood journals. This Siashutara, however, has been updated to modern times, and Anna is the heretic scion of Nygof, the assassin whose actions caused the global upheaval known as the Cataclysm. She finds herself as the prisoner of the fanatical theocracy that succeeded Queen Sif of Brynn, Anna’s ancient foe, and all her colleagues from Earth now have alter-egos there as well.The fate of both Earth and Siashutara are at stake. Anna must escape and figure out how to stop the two worlds from merging into one and restore them to their own paths.The Worlds I Know is a pulp adventure set in the 1930s, and the second part of the Thule Trilogy.


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