I Miss My Puppies

I miss my dogs. Just look at those faces. Read More

How To Be “In The Know”?

My wife and I went to the Baltimore Grand Prix this past weekend. We were there all three days. We had paddock passes. I even won at Pit Pass this year. We saw drivers, got autographs, spoke to team members. And yet people seemed to know things that we had no clue about. Read More

Extraordinary Things

I’ve been very busy with work lately. In fact, I worked most of the weekend to complete a sizable task in order to free up time to complete numerous other tasks before I go on vacation next month. The days pass by without count, with each blending into the next, and today I wonder, what have I accomplished? Read More

Canine Home Remedies

We all know that dogs like to go on walks, that they frequently pee to mark things, and that they are very precise about where they mark. Human interpretation says that this behavior is the patrolling and identification of territory. Read More

I Need a Case

I had a strange dream a few months ago. I was in a play and it was the only performance. In it, a was to sing a song about a film noir detective who needed work. I had never rehearsed the song, I did not know the music, and I was given an orange 3×5 card with the words handwritten on both sides. All I had to figure out the tone was a couple of bars from the orchestra before I was to begin. As I’m going on stage I ask a guy coming off “are these lines or verses?” and he says “they look like verses to me.” Read More