Africa Log: Day 4

We awoke the next morning to a chorus of bird calls. After braving the outdoor shower, we dressed and wandered over to the lodge for a buffet breakfast. Though a monkey watched from a tree top, no one tried to steal my food. Read More

Africa Log: Day 3

We awoke from a restful sleep to a cloudy, gray morning. Zal had mentioned that it had been very dry this year, so a little rain was welcome. We showered, packed, and had a nice buffet breakfast of banana fritters, a cheese omelet and bacon before picked us up and took us to a small airport for our flight to Lake Manyara. Read More

Africa Log: Day 2

We arrived at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport literally at the crack of dawn. Even though our arrival gate and the departure gate for our next flight were both in Terminal E, it took some exploring to find a place to get some breakfast. Read More

Africa Log: Day 1

The day started as expected. I woke up around 4:00, about an hour before the alarm, and could not get back to sleep. I got up quietly and let the dogs out. Read More

Canine Communication

It is well known that non-verbal conversation is significant to dogs. Dogs can detect things humans are never even aware of, and react to seemingly innocuous things or “phantom” stimuli, sometimes in extreme manners. They also come to understand us over time to a degree where they seem to know what we are thinking, sometimes before we do. Read More