Africa Log: Day 9

I woke up tired, anxious, and a little annoyed. I was tired because I heard zebras grazing outside our tent and felt compelled to watch then through the mosquito netting on the bathroom window (all the other windows were zipped shut for the night). As a result, when I awoke, I was not well rested. Read More

Africa Log: Day 8

The chirp of hyenas outside was actually a restful serenade, and we slept fitfully. The bed was nice and warm and very comfortable. Read More

Africa Log: Day 7

Steph and I awoke having had less than perfect sleep. We were both anxious about the transfer to Serengeti, as well as what to expect given what other people had said about it. As we packed most of our things the night before, we were showered and ready to go well before the 6:00 escort to breakfast. We said in front of the now extinguished fireplace and thought about our experiences and what was to come. As the appointed time approached, we were perturbed that our escort had not yet arrived. Steph called the front desk, and the receptionist seemed surprised that we wanted an escort, even though it was still dark out. We waited a few minutes and I called again. The receptionist stated directly that someone was on the way. Read More

Africa Log: Day 6

I awoke cold. For such a luxurious place, the rooms are cold. There is a fireplace that was going when we returned from dinner, and I guess we should have added some wood before bed, but we didn’t imagine that we would be cold indoors. There is no central heat, and the windows have shutters from the inside, but you can feel the cold around the edges. Read More

Africa Log: Day 5

We woke from a slightly less restful sleep before dawn. Unlike the first night, when I guess we were so exhausted that we slept through the night, this time we heard everything! Birds, bugs, bush babies, other creatures. And yet we were anxious to get cleaned up, packed, breakfast and check out to meet our connection to Ngorongoro Crater. Of course, everything went smoothly in spite of our anxieties. We had another delicious buffet breakfast. Read More