I Need a Case

I had a strange dream a few months ago. I was in a play and it was the only performance. In it, a was to sing a song about a film noir detective who needed work. I had never rehearsed the song, I did not know the music, and I was given an orange 3×5 card with the words handwritten on both sides. All I had to figure out the tone was a couple of bars from the orchestra before I was to begin. As I’m going on stage I ask a guy coming off “are these lines or verses?” and he says “they look like verses to me.” Read More

Grey Morning

I was walking my dogs with my wife this morning along the route we normally take. It was very humid and the sky was grey with the threat of rain. As frequently happens for no apparent reason, the dog I had froze and refused to continue. Real or imaginary, she was afraid of something. I attempting to herd her forward until a string trimmer came to life and she planted her feet. My wife and I switched dogs and we continued. Mommy doesn’t put up with that kind of behavior. Read More