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Started Book Three

I have officially started writing Book Three of the Utgarda Trilogy! Share List

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The Missing Medium Is Done

I have completed The Missing Medium: Book Two of the Utgarda Series.  At 53,000 words, it is 50% longer than The Old Man’s Request.  Now…

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Glowing Review on Goodreads!

Crow112101 rated The Old Man’s Request 5 stars it was amazing As a life long gamer, many spent playing in the settings created by Lovecraft…

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What is Cosmic Horror?

The Utgarda Trilogy is strongly influenced by what is known as cosmic, or Lovecraftian, horror.  The genre, created by H.P. Lovecraft and others, is a style the…

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What is Pulp Adventure?

I have described The Old Man’s Request and the Utgarda Trilogy as “pulp adventure set in the 1920’s.”  What exactly does this mean? Share List

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