The Final Cover for The Old Man’s Request 

Thanks to Lee Pfenninger, I have this wonderful illustration.
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Electronic Book Preparation

With the imminent release of my first novel, The Old Man’s Request, I decided to explore assembling electronic versions of it for Kindle and iBooks.  To my dismay, the assembly for these formats is widely different and very technical.  Not being a technical person, I looked to a software solution and found Anthemion Jutoh.  This product made compilation of both formats very easy. Read More

Packing Laziness

I have ordered a number of things over the past few months.  I have noticed an increasing tendency for the items I ordered to be packed in boxes created by taping random pieces of cardboard together.  In some cases, this worked fine.  The edges were all tightly sealed, and the contents were shrink-wrapped.  However, some of these packages could barely considered that.   Read More

Half a Century

I turned 50 yesterday. It’s hard to believe that I’m that old. I don’t feel old. In fact, in many ways I feel healthier than ever. Taking into account my Cystic Fibrosis, half a century is truly magnificent. Read More

Strange Dreams

I had two very strange dreams last night. The notable thing is that I remember them now, several hours after waking. Read More