National Novel Writing Month

I’ve signed up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November. This is a stretch for me as I have not written much of anything in the past few years. Read More

Africa Log: Reflectons

Here are a few random thoughts about our African experience: Read More

Africa Log: Day 11

I was awakened for the last time for a breakfast of eggs, one potato wedge, a roll with butter, and water. We were about an hour and a half outside on Amsterdam, flying over northern Italy. I listened to more of Warbound and enhanced more photos. Read More

Africa Log: Day 10

We awoke after a fitful sleep. We dressed and packed. Mauren brought hot tea. We went to the lounge tent and I tried to confirm our plane tickets, but the wifi timed out. I was also unable to refresh WordPress in hopes of getting my lost entries. I completed the survey card and gave them excellent ratings as we had done at the previous to locations. Read More

Africa Log: Day 9

I woke up tired, anxious, and a little annoyed. I was tired because I heard zebras grazing outside our tent and felt compelled to watch then through the mosquito netting on the bathroom window (all the other windows were zipped shut for the night). As a result, when I awoke, I was not well rested. Read More