Tales of Gods and Monsters

Rantings of a Wandering Mind is proud to present its first anthology

Tales of Gods and Monsters

Gods to some are monsters to others, and sometimes they are one in the same.

Tales of Gods and Monsters contains four short stories that seek to answer the question which is which.

Sucker Punch tells the story of Richard Drew III, flighty heir to a vast fortune, and his associates as they seek the killers of an old friend.

Operation Jinx follows the interrogation of Special Operations Executive operatives in Nazi-held Czechoslovakia.

The Lush of Lichtenstein, set in Joe Cosaro’s Venus 1888, is the story of the luckiest woman in the world, and her adventures among the native women of the planet Venus

And featuring a novella by S. Stieglitz, her first published work.

Mythos 101: Intro. to the Old Ones is the story of college student’s crash course into the eldritch.

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