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I’m proud to announce the publication of my first novel, The Old Man’s Request, which is the first in a trilogy of pulp adventure novels.

Set in the summer of 1929, The Utgarda Trilogy will follow the adventures of Russian anthropologist Anna Rykov, a junior professor at Reister University in upstate New York.

Anna is joined by her friends Dr. Harold Lamb, a medical resident at Reister University Hospital, and Father Sean O’Malley, a Catholic priest trained to combat the occult who is also an adjunct professor at the university.

In The Old Man’s Request, Anna and her friends are asked to perform a ritual to banish a demon summoned by the aged trustee of the university who helped all three to get their jobs.

Fifty years ago, a group of college friends dabbled in the occult and released a malign presence on the world. Now, on his deathbed, the last of the students enlists the aid of three newcomers to banish the thing they summoned.

Hampered by the old man’s greedy son, the wizened director of the university library, and a private investigator with a troubled past, can Anna, Harry and Sean gather the knowledge and resources needed to defeat the entity?

The Old Man’s Request is available in paperback on Createspace and is available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon.

Author: joabstieglitz

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