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With the imminent release of my first novel, The Old Man’s Request, I decided to explore assembling electronic versions of it for Kindle and iBooks.  To my dismay, the assembly for these formats is widely different and very technical.  Not being a technical person, I looked to a software solution and found Anthemion Jutoh.  This product made compilation of both formats very easy.

I write in Google Docs primarily.  I had created a version of the novel that I pasted into the Createspace Microsoft Word template for the appropriate novel size.  I created a PDF of that document, but when I ran the PDF through the Kindle Previewer and Kindlegen, it came up with a number of formatting issues.  I searched online, and found that most of the tips involved saving to HTML and then adjusting the code.  This was not for me.

Along the way, I found tips for formatting Google Docs products for Kindle consumption.  I created a copy of the Createspace formatted document in Google Docs and adjusted the formatting accordingly.  This included removing margins, headers, footers, and page numbers, making everything single spaced, and tagging all the Table of Contents entries with the Heading 1 style.

Once this was done, I exported the document as an EPUB file, but there were still formating issues in Kindlegen that I could not get around in Google Docs.  I looked for solutions to these problems and finally decided to look into a product.  I discovered Anthemion Jutoh.  I downloaded the free trial and in minutes, I imported my EPUB.  Jutoh carved it up into  separate sections by Heading 1.


From there it was easy to edit the formatting of the sections, add the Cover image, and generate a Kindle-ready EPUB file.  When I ran that file through the Kindle Previewer and Kindlegen directly from Jutoh, it came up with some warnings.  I couple of tweaks in Jutoh, processed the output file again, and there were no issues.


I then went to the KDP site and uploaded the Jutoh produced EPUB file.  It uploaded with no issues.  Now all I need is the final cover art and I can publish my draft in both paperback form on Createspace and Kindle format on KDP, and both will be available on Amazon!

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