National Novel Writing Month

I’ve signed up for the National Novel Writing Month challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November. This is a stretch for me as I have not written much of anything in the past few years.

I am planning to complete Myreane’s Tale, a fantasy novel I have been working on since 1993. It started out originally as a short story set in an as yet undocumented part of the Forgotten Realms, but before long, TSR published their gazetteer of the Sword Coast, and my setting no longer fit.

I then moved it to the Warhammer Fantasy region of Ostermark, but one of my heroes is an ork, and the writing guidelines at Games Workshop say that Orks cannot be good.

In the end, I created my own world to set what I had envisioned as a series of unrelated stories in. Although I have a couple of ideas started, Myreane’s Tale is the most developed by far, and currently stands at 75000 words and 350 double-spaced courier 12 pages.

I’ve had New Years resolutions for the last couple of years to go finish Myreane’s Tale, but I also had resolutions to lose weight, and I succeeded at that this year, so maybe this is the year to finish my novel.

We’ll see.

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